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Monthly Winner
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Annual Grand Prize Winner
Monthly Winner
Quarterly Finalist Winner
Annual Grand Prize Winner
The 90-Day Best Body™ Challenge
optimal health is the goal!      |      World-class Products are the path!      |      The Outcome is greatness!
optimal health is the goal!

World-class Products are the path!

The Outcome is greatness!
Build Muscle
Build Muscle
For some who join the best body challenge the goal may be to gain weight by adding lean muscle... 
Slim Down
For some who join the best body challenge the goal may be lose weight, and shed a few inches...
Get The Energy and Lifestyle That You Deserve!
For others who join the best body challenge the goal may to simply feel great again, and have the lifestyle you deserve!
Transform Your Mindset!
Transform Your Body!
Transform Your Life!
What You Can Get With
The 90-Day Best Body Challenge!
  • Monthly Winner - Each calendar month we will give away $500 cash to the person with the best transformation!
  • Quarterly Finalist Winner  - Each quarter we will give away $1,000 cash to the person that is selected as the quarterly finalist! Each quarterly finalist will also win an international luxury vacation with the opportunity to bring a guest.
  • Annual Grand Prize Winner - Each quarterly finalist will be in the running to be an Annual Grand Prize Winner which will get $5,000 cash, exclusive swag, on stage recognition at HealthSync® Global company events, an tropical luxury vacation with a guest, social media branding consultation, and a professional photoshoot!
  • Access To The Exclusive Facebook Group - By joining the challenge you can join the private "90-Day Best Body Challenge" Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support in your best body journey!
  • Training from Health & Wellness experts - Each week of the best body challenge you will get new training from Health & Wellness experts to help you get the tools, and information that you need to achieve your best body!
What You Will Get When You Complete The 90-Day Best Body Challenge!

Certificate of Completion

Exclusive T-Shirt 
(New design each quarter)

Social Media Profile Picture Frame

Chance to win an tropical trip on a luxurious vacation along with the Grand Prize Winner! 

Best Body Challenge Winner
Laura R. - Utah

“I started on the journey to health because I felt unproductive in my life and business. My husband Bart found HealthSync Global and I was skeptical at first but read the packaging and was sold. 

Almost immediately after taking the products my energy changed for the better!

More clarity, better sleep, and way more creativity!

I now can do hard workouts as my energy is high, and life is all around much better than

I am down 22 lbs and counting!

I am here to make the world a better place, and now I can thanks to HealthSync Global!

Best Body Challenge Winner
Bart R. - Utah

“I started this health journey weighing 330 lbs. I decided to go all-in and become a customer with a HealthSync Global total body pack...

I was shocked by how quickly I started to feel better!!! My mental clarity and sleep have been amazing! I’ve lost over 60 lbs.

I haven’t felt this good in years!
Thank you so much for changing my life and I’m
not done working to achieve my goals!”

Best Body Challenge Winner
Emily C. - California

"I am super excited about the results I am getting!
I officially reached my goal of size 6 pants!!! I started at size 10 😮

My energy is up, my mental clarity has increased, my mood is better, my skin is clearer, and I am sleeping through the night for the first time in 4 years!

I love this program and the mindset you get to choose to have every single day!"

Best Body Challenge Winner
Andy B. - Utah

"I was in pain most of the time and exhausted. 

I was working out and my wife had me eating mostly rabbit food, but the weight kept coming back!!! 

Then a business partner turned me on to HealthSync Global! Since then I have lost over 50 lbs, I am excited and passionate about my life and future! 

I am sleeping better than I have for years and I am not in pain at all anymore!"

Best Body Challenge Winner
Peggy S. - Illinois

"Since I started the HealthSync Products my body has changed for the better. 

I sleep better! I have lost 25 lbs! I have dropped 2-3 dress sizes! 

I am feeling so much better, and gaining confidence inch by inch! I feel like a new person! I haven't felt like this in years!"

Best Body Challenge Winner
Rose H. - Canada

"I feel like a completely new person on the inside! 

For the past 26 years, I have tried to stay active and mobile as possible, but as a mother of young children, I wasn't as focused on my own care as I should've been. 

Then HealthSync Global came along and inspired hope. The products are changing how I feel, and I have more energy than I've had in years, I am more motivated, more positive, and more determined than ever to take care of what is most important. Myself! 

Thank you HealthSync Global for giving me the tools to build a better me!"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):
How Do I Start The 90-Day Best Body Challenge?
1. Order your HealthSync® Global Product(s). 

2. Register for the 90-Day Best Body Challenge by clicking on one of the many "I want to join the challenge buttons" on this page and enter your order number, full name, best email, and the name of the person who referred you to the challenge. 

Enter your most recent order number. Orders within the last 30 days can count for your initial order, any orders more than 30 days prior to registering will not be eligible for Best Body Challenge registration. A minimum of $600 cumulative investment on HealthSync® Products during the challenge is required to be eligible to win. 

3. Your challenge begins when you register AND we receive your starting photos. The photos need to be of yourself from the front, back, side (left), side (right), and a photo of you displaying the current date. Email photos to

*It is not required to be in your underwear, a swimsuit, or sparse clothing for your photos. You can be fully clothed. We do however recommend that you wear clothes that are form-fitting enough for the judges to visibly be able to see your physical transformation as you participate in the Best Body Challenge. Baggy clothing will not help showcase your transformation. 

4. Request to join the official 90-Day Best Body Challenge facebook group 
What Do I Need To Do During The Challenge?
What Do I Do Weekly?
- Post at least once a week on social media using the hashtag #bestbodychallenge or #90DayBestBodyChallenge. Share your story & progress. Make it fun!
- Post at least once per week. The best posts are story driven about your progress.

What Do I Do Monthly?
By midnight at the end of each calendar month email the following to :
- Progress photos of yourself from the front, back, side (left), side (right), and a photo of you displaying the current date. Email to
- Although not required monthly, writing a little bit about your story of transformation monthly and sending it in with your progress pictures will help your chances of being a monthly winner. 

What Do I Do At The End of My 90 Days?
- Submit your final progress photos front, back, side (left), side (right), and a photo of you displaying the current date. Email to This accounts for approximately 50% of your score. 
- Submit your 250-500 word transformation story with your photos. Email to This accounts for approximately 50% of your score.
Winner will be required to sign a release and affidavit of eligibility. These documents will allow us to use a winner's name and likeness to promote and help others join the fun! 
How much does the challenge cost?
Most HealthSync® Global customers and Wellness Partners spend approximately $200 a month on average on HealthSync® Global products. To join the Best Body Challenge each individual participant needs to maintain $200 in monthly orders or $600 spent cumulatively over the course of their 90 day journey. For couples who are participating in the challenge together, these amounts would be $400 in monthly orders and $1,200 spent cumulatively over the course of the 90 days. 
What are the judges are looking for?
1. The Judges Are Looking For Real Results! They are looking for the biggest transformation. The most important thing that the judges are looking for is a total transformation. This could be weight loss, it could be muscle toning, it could be before and after photos. Since each person is so different, judges look for overall transformation in people achieving their best body. Your pictures will account for approximately 50% of your score, so be sure they are top notch! Progress pictures are required at the end of each calendar month. If your 90 day journey ends more than 30 days away from the end of a quarterly qualifying period (January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st) then maintenance photos are required to be eligible for consideration as a quarterly finalist.

*Results vary as each person’s body and circumstance is different. Results are not promised or guaranteed. Consult with your physician prior to participation.

2. The Judges Are Looking For A Great Story! They are looking for participants who share a great story in their 250-500 word transformation story. Your 250-500 word transformation story (due at the end of your 90 days, not monthly) will account for approximately 50% of your score. 

3. The Judges Are Looking At Social Media Activity. To be eligible to win, you must post on social media using the hashtag #BestBodyChallenge or #90DayBestBodyChallenge at least once a week.

Note About Social Media Best Practices: We are looking for quality posts, so don't spam links or your posts in groups or social media places where they may not be welcome. Post and promote the challenge in tactful ways. If you are going to post in a group, a best practice would be to ask the group admin if it is ok to post in their group. Spamming about the challenge will backfire, and will defeat the purpose of helping people achieve optimal health and their best body. 

4. Referring Friends. For each friend who participates and joins you in the Best Body Challenge, you will get an extra entries for prizes! As people register, the system will also ask them to name who invited them to the challenge, so make sure to tell them to put your name down!
When Can I Join?
You can join The Best Body Challenge at any time.
When Are The Judging Periods?
While you can join anytime, your judging period is determined by the end date of your 90 day program. Your end date is simply 90 days after your start date. 
The judges will review and choose a winner from the following time periods. 

January 1st-March 31st
First Quarter Winner

April 1st-June 31st
Second Quarter Winner

July 1st-September 30th
Third Quarter Winner

October 1st-December 31st.
Fourth Quarter Winner
*Winners will typically be announced within 5 business days of the new month beginning.
What Should I Do If I Finish My 90-Day Challenge More Than 30 Days Prior The Conclusion Of My Judging Period?
It's simple. To be eligible as a quarterly finalist you must submit maintenance photos at the end of each calendar month until the next judging period concludes. The image below further illustrates how this works.
Which Product(s) Should I Order?
HealthSync® has nine incredible products that will compliment your goals for optimal health, and aid you on your best body journey!

We recommend You to get The Total Body Pack!
The Total Body Pack includes:

Our unique Weight Loss or Weight Management System: Formulated to work with you, not against you. Designed from the ground up to be easy-to-follow and implement into your daily routine. This system is the first to be built around the human psychology of weight management. Many experts and diet programs miss the human element when it comes to maintaining optimal weight, they don't take into account aspects of human psychology. HealthSync™ Global's Weight Management System is meant to work for you, not against you as you work towards your optimal weight.
The Core 3™ Daily System: The world’s first system to sync the Gut, Mind, and Body. Unfortunately, our modern diet with it's processed foods and nutrient deficient meals has wrought havoc with our Gut Health. Clinical studies and leading health science is pointing to the fact that if we neglect our gut health, we may not be able to lose or maintain optimal weight. 

Dr. Hugo Rodier M.D., who literally wrote the book on Gut Health, stated that: 
"The gut is the center of health and disease . . . when two people eat the same amount of calories, the one with bad gut flora will gain weight . . . We have to heal the gut to start losing weight that won’t come off otherwise. I can’t emphasize enough that it’s not just about calorie reduction and increasing exercise; it’s also how we are metabolizing calories."

Gut Health, an often overlooked aspect of our health, is precisely why our flagship system was created here at HealthSync® Global. It's called the "Core 3™ Daily System." The Core 3™ Daily System is comprised of Gut Sync®, Mind Sync™, and Vital Core Sync™. It is the first and only system to sync the Gut, Mind, and Body in a way that promotes Gut Health, and complete body nutrition even at a cellular level. 
Sleep, Mood & Energy: These Targeted Health Products are formulated to help with these key areas to help you get a more restful sleep, enhance your mood, and provide you with optimal energy.
This line up of world-class products delivers undeniable results! Our mission is to be a pillar of strength in people’s lives, so they can unleash their potential. That is exactly what we are doing with this total-body solution!
Can I Join With My Spouse Or Significant Other?
Yes! You can, in fact in order to ensure program rules are being met we require couples to join at the same time to ensure that the minimum spending thresholds are met. Each individual participant must maintain $200 in monthly orders or $600 spent cumulatively over the course of their 90 day journey. For couples who are participating in the challenge together, these amounts would be $400 in monthly orders and $1,200 spent cumulatively over the course of the 90 days. 
Can I Use Product Credit To Cover The $200/mo or $600 Cumulative Spend Requirement?
Product credit is not eligible to meet the $200/mo or $600 cumulative spending threshold required by the 90-Day Best Body Challenge.
What is the minimum age to be able to participate in the challenge?
The minimum age to participate is 18 years old. Each winner is chosen based on performance such as level of participation and total transformation. 
Do I Have To Be A United States Resident To Win?
The 90-Day Best Body Challenge is currently only available in the United States (and it's territories & provinces) and Canada.
Can I take the challenge more than once?
Absolutely! When you are signing up for your second, third, or one-hundredth Best Body Challenge 😉, we encourage you to view the best body challenge as an ongoing community to help you reach your goals. 

Here is a few things to know as you sign up for an additional challenge period:

1. To sign up again, you simply re-sign up at 
*In order to be eligible for your new 90-Day Challenge, your HealthSync® Global product order from any other orders used for previous 90-Day Best Body Challenge periods.

2. If it has been less than 30 days since the end of your last challenge period, you may use your ending photos from your last challenge period as your starting photos for your new challenge period! 

3. If it has been more than 30 days from the end of your last challenge period, then you will need to submit newly taken photos (front, back, side, side, timestamped or holding the date).

4. After you have completed your first initial challenge, you will not be removed from, nor do you need to re-join the Facebook group. You can also continue to log in to the exclusive members area using your previous login information, there is no need to create a new account each time.

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